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Thursday, December 25, 2014

A Christmas Eve with Mom

Yahooo! It's Christmas eve, and I can literally smell its presence hanging in the air from the joyous people, celebration, and laughter around me.

In the afternoon, I rejected two of my friends' invitation to go out together as I thought I would've enjoyed being alone tonight since I need time and space to recharge my drained soul. But, I was so wrong. I was overwhelmed with its exuberance, which was a huge contrast to my lugubriousness.

Sullenly, I dressed myself up in my most Christmas-ty attire and drove to a nearby cafe. When I arrived at the cafe, I was shilly-shallying to get out from my car as I saw people were hanging out merrily in groups, but I was totally alone. Just when I was tormented by my own conflict, my Mom finally replied my Christmas greeting in Whatsapp and suggested me to give her a call.

I gave up to go in the cafe and drove home. And, everything that happened then would leave me with one of the most memorable Christmas eves that  I ever had.

I called my mom and we spent our Christmas eve together, sharing with each other, of jokes, gossips, our worries, and talking about life.

"Although I still go back to our old house very often, all things have changed. When I am sitting in my favourite armchair now, I miss you guys (my sisters & I) a lot. I used to be irritated when you guys bickered with each other when young. But now, it creeps me out to sit here to stare into the cold silentness of this house." My tears dropped as I listened to her faint wavering voice over the earpiece.

We talked for two hours and all my sadness had dissipated along the conversation.

I love you Mom for being always there for me. I had an enjoyable night chatting with you. May this Christmas bring you good health and less worries. =)

Merry Christmas to you. =)

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